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Pay less for your. holiday

„What are you waiting for? Register and pay less for your next holiday at Grizzly Hotel.“

What is it? We’ve created the Holiday Play portal to reward our loyal customers and allow new guests to register and benefit from special offers provided by Grizzly Hotel and other hotels adhering to the initiative. Free registration.

How to play ? Once you’re registered, you can start accumulating Vacation Points you can use later to cover the cost of your holiday. You can earn points in different ways:
1) By buying one of the offers advertised on the portal;
2) By promoting and inviting a friend to purchase one of these offers.

What are the advantages ? Not only you can pay for your holiday using the points you’ve accumulated, but all players can benefit from instant discounts and special promotions reserved for the participants.

Some simple rules: In order to use Vacation Points, you first need to accumulate some (for example by purchasing a holiday).
1) For each holiday offer advertised on the portal that you decide to buy, you will immediately get Vacation Points worth 5% of the overall cost.
2) For each holiday offer advertised on the portal that your friend decides to buy, you will earn Vacation Points worth 5% of the overall cost.
3) You can use Vacation Points to pay from 5% up to 10% of the holiday cost.
4) Points are non-assignable and can be used for one room only.

How can I play ? You just need to register. To register on the portal www.holiday-play.com you must be over 18 years of age and agree to privacy policy and terms and conditions.

What do you think about it ? We are ready and willing to improve the initiative; therefore, if you have any suggestion, doubt, perplexity, please contact us by using the form below.