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Hotel Grizzly Open innovation program

„Grizzly open innovation program“

We ideally like to imagine our hotel to be at the centre of a collective open workshop aimed at giving value to excellent ideas and projects in the field of tourism. We are open to possible collaboration proposals with open-minded and creative people who are interested in experimenting new vacation offers, marketing tools and/or innovative apps. Results of our commitment are the Science and Nature Summer Camp launched in summer 2015, the Watercolours Portrait Painting Course started during the summer season in 2016, the Play with Us Project that will be launched during the winter season 2016/17, and the Open Innovation Program we’ve explained above.

„How does it work ?“

It all arose out of an experience we had during the year: a friend of mine – an amateur watercolourist – one day told me that he wanted to attend a painting course led by a well-known instructor. We together came up with the idea of organizing one at Grizzly Hotel. We got in touch with an instructor, outlined the structure of the course and promoted it through multiple channels (hotel’s channels, social networks, specific associations and among the instructor’s contacts). Eventually, in June 2016 we held our first watercolours portrait painting course with the teacher Libralato at Grizzly Hotel. 17 people coming from all over Italy supported the proposal and stayed for 5 days in the hotel having fun and learning a lot in a unique and quiet atmosphere. It has been a wonderful experience.

„What are you waiting for ?“

In our opinion, the combination of tourism and innovation is the key to come up with new holiday ideas and quality experiences. Innovation in tourism industry means conceiving new vacation offers and/or bring about some changes in the management, communication and sale processes of the tourist accommodation. Do you have any interesting proposal (for example, Arduino and 3D printing course, creative writing course, etc)? Do you want to test a prototypical app for the hospitality industry (for example, a mobile app for treasure haunting in the area, an automatic payment app, etc)? Contact us and see whether we can help you developing your idea.

„Why should you participate ?“

First of all because it’s a good opportunity for you to get involved! Secondly because we are ready to find the best revenue sharing agreement to meet your expectations (splitting profits, Vacation Points, holiday for free, etc.).